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Welcome to Widdershins Webcomic Wiki![edit | edit source]

Great progress has been made on restoring the wiki! Thank you to everyone for all your contributions! There's still plenty to do, so if you want to help then pick whatever's most interesting to you and jump right in.

A blue link means the page exists already! If you follow it, there should be already headings for different sections of information for that page, but the sections themselves might be blank still. Pages for all of the books have been made, but the information is still incomplete. We especially need plot summaries and easter eggs to be added.

A red link means the page hasn't been made yet. If you click on it, you'll be taken to the page to create the page. You're welcome to do so, but it won't have anything on it to start with. If you have a favourite character, you could create that page and start adding the sort of info you want the wiki to have for them.

You can use the talk/discussion pages attached to every page if you have anything you want to talk about related to that page, or the discussion page attached to this one if there's anything you want to talk about related to the whole wiki. Or you can join the Widdershins fan discord server here where we have a channel for the wiki. But you have to be nice and no drama.

I want this wiki to be a cool resource for everyone who loves Widdershins so the most important thing is to add stuff you would want to find here  :)

Books[edit | edit source]

  1. Sleight of Hand
  2. No Rest for the Wicked
  3. Vanishing Act
  4. Piece of Cake
  5. Green-Eyed Monster
  6. Find the Lady
  7. Curtain Call
  8. Hangman's Knot
  9. Witch Hunt
  10. Sea Change
  11. Close to Home

Characters[edit | edit source]

List of all characters: Category:Character

List of all antagonists: Category:Antagonist

List of all protagonists: Category:Protagonist

List of all hunters: Category:Hunter

List of Barber family members: Category:Barber family

List of all Wizards: Category:Wizard

(these lists are currently incomplete, you can tag character pages with the appropriate categories and they will automatically be added to these pages)

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